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At SkinHealth Clinic, we put the best cosmetic brands in the world together with the best medical team to deliver natural results.

Our treatment plans combine daily at-home products that FEED the skin; in-clinic treatments that BOOST skin results; and cosmetic injectable techniques that FINISH your look to achieve the specific results you want. 


How do I get started?

Book a 30 minute intake session with one of our Skin Coaches to find out more about how to Feed, Boost and Finish your skin using our  SKIN90 program. During the intake session you will receive insight behind what you are seeing in the mirror and a 90 day treatment plan to identify, prioritize and target what you want to do about it.




FEED Your Skin 

Feed the skin using the worlds most Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy (AVST) system containing the right combination of vitamins, antioxidants and bio-peptides to hydrate, replenish and revitalize the skin. Our Skin Coaches will customize the right at-home treatment program to achieve results over the first SKIN90 cycle and build the path towards a healthy looking skin for a life time, all starting from $75/month for three months.





BOOST Your Skin 

Boost results with monthly, bi-weekly or weekly in-clinic treatments. These treatments help accelerate results, target specific skin issues, and stimulate the skin's repair function.






FINISH Your Skin 

Finish with cosmetic injectable techniques using products from the highest quality providers to perfect your look.

Dr Renier van Aardt and our nursing team at the SkinHealth Clinic are considered among the top injectors in Canada. Come experience the results!






The word is out.


“Age is also a dependent factor on how the skin will react to vitamin A. By the age of 18 it is estimated about 80 per cent of photo-damage will have occurred but hasn’t yet shown on the skin.”

Dr Des Fernandes, Environ


“...the only dramatically anti-ageing natural facial treatment I've come across to date ....I have never seen my skin look so glowing and dewy before. My cheeks and forehead are visibly smoother and I'll be going back for more.”

Suzanne Aaronson, Huffington Post


“… A method that is fresh, simple and scientifically based for the 21st Century.”

Dr Axel-Mario Feller
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©  2019  SkinHealth Canada

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